Well this all started with me, good ol’ LR, wanting to do something different with my art… something to reflect my Afrikan heritage with positive images for people of color. It started with the Huey RBG shirt, which is still my favorite, and the favorite of most of my customers. Then, I wanted to do something to celebrate women of color, since they are sorely underrepresented in the European fashion industry and styles. I consulted women of color, asking them what they’d like to see in designs, styles, products, etc.

This proved to be an extremely wise decision, as the ladies shirts have become the biggest
Thank you, Ladies.

There are other apparel companies that may attempt to do what we do but they aren’t us. This is no slight to them; this is the GBA Shirt Shop. When you receive our products, you will understand the time and quality put into everything we do. We are always open to suggestions to further our evolution and to help empower us financially, physically and spiritually as a community.

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