Amazon Firestick with Kodi 17.3 +


All you need is a working internet connection and all kinds of free movies and TV are at your fingertips!

Get access to:

*thousands of movies (new and old)
*TV shows with all seasons and all episodes available
*Live sports
*Live PPV events for Free!!

No monthly payments!


Comes with a guide to using Kodi on the Firestick as well as how to find the TV/Movies/Sports events you are looking for…


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am not clear on how it compares to cable

A: Way better in many aspects and not as good in a few like live TV but movies and TV shows, netflix and all of that comes in in HD and looks great.

The firestick itself allows you access to amazon, netflix and so on if you have accounts… but the kodi app is what allows you to watch all the free stuff… I add that to the stick with all the good addons for movies, TV, etc…

Q: So you have to have an Amazon and Netflix account

A: Yes to an Amazon account (merely to log in the firestick but that is no extra charge) but you don’t need a Netflix account.

You can watch ANY sports live for free…. video quality may vary but in addition you can also watch sports from other countries

Q: I would like to get rid of cable can I do that with this

A: Yes for the most part… I’d say try one and play with it to see if you satisfied with it before you cut the cord permanently.




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